My Happy Acres
Welcome to My Happy Acres, Farm and Orchards

My Happy Acres Farm and Orchard, uPick, Farmer's
Market choice fruits and vegetables, free range and
pastured chickens, fresh eggs, and Boer goats.  
Locally grown and sustainable from our farm to your

What's new?

Fresh from the farm eggs are available year round.  All of our
chickens are cage free and fed a healthy diet including leafy greens
and fresh fruit.  This results in a happy chickens and plenty of  
delicious, good-for-you eggs.  Please check our
Facebook page for
A Little About What We Do

We have a simple philosophy: treat others as you wish to be
treated.  Happy chickens are productive chickens, just as happy
goats are friendly goats.  When you buy a product from us, you can
be assured that we have done our best to provide a good tasting,
quality product.   

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