Farm Fresh eggs
Our chickens are free range and pastured.  Regular access to fresh
greens, fresh air, and exercise keeps our girls happy and healthy.  Happy
chickens lay lots of eggs.
We have several different breeds, the main ones being Ameraucana and
Buckeye.  The Ameraucana, recognized by their cheek muffs, lays a blue
colored egg.  They are medium sized chickens typically ranging from
about six to eight pounds.  
Our other variety is the American Buckeye.  The Buckeye was developed
in the 1800s as a dual purpose breed.  They are very active yet friendly
and highly curious.  Buckeyes are also known to be excellent mousers.  
What better way to avoid pesticides and dangerous chemicals than to
introduce a small flock to the farm?

See our
Facebook page for availability of eggs.